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Christmas Market Zagreb 2019: 7 things you should visit

December 10, 2019

Christmas Market Zagreb 2019: 7 things you should visit

A guide to one of the most magical Christmas markets in Europe

Zagreb Christmas Market 2019 Dates: 30th Nov 2019- 7th Jan 2020


Christmas Market in Zagreb
1. Park Zrinjevac
2. Ice Skating – Christmas Market in King Tomislav Square
3. Zagreb Advent on Strossmayer’s square
4. Fuliranje – the epicenter of gastronomy
5. Christmas Market in European Square
6. Christmas Market Maksimir Zoo
7. Ban Josip Jelačić Square

As Christmas is approaching, we want you to experience one of the most magical advents in Europe! Zagreb’s Christmas market is filled with a variety of events that has a place for everyone: from foodies, musicians, to art critics, this Christmas market will touch everyone’s soft spot and fill your soul with positive energy as you are surrounded by a genuine Christmas atmosphere!

Zagreb Advent in Zrinjevac Park

Filled with the smell of the Croatian holiday specialty fritule, gingerbread cookies, germknodels, mulled wine, laughter, music, and the list goes on!

– I know, I know…

It may sound a bit cheesy but it’s absolutely true!

When in Zagreb during Advent, have some mulled wine

Zagreb was voted as having the best Christmas market by European Best Destination three years in a row. This year the Advent has many elements of Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker, as there is also a play being held on December 15th. And so, you might find some associations to the classical Christmas story on this year’s market.

There are so many things that you can see and try but we will try to break down the top 7 things that you have to try if you are limited with time!

1. Park Zrinjevac

One of the most beautiful symbols of Zagreb!

You can’t pass by this square without stopping and being amazed by the holiday atmosphere. If you enjoy Christmas classics and bright lights, you should visit one of the most beautiful symbols of Zagreb – Park Zrinjevac.

It is beautiful at any season let alone Christmas time  when it is filled with charming Christmas stands where you can buy homemade Croatian souvenirs, jewelry, eat finger food, wine and listen to music under thousands of Christmas lights, that will put your mind and soul at holiday ease.

Christmas Market in Zrinjevac Park

It is truly a Christmas fairy tale! There is a variety of musical programs going on these holidays, from Croatian traditional klapa music, jazz, to old Christmas coons.

2. Ice Park Zagreb (Tomislavac)

Experience ice skating in the heart of Zagreb – King Tomislav square!

It is truly a winter wonderland, and for the full magical experience you should come visit the ice park at night!

Ice skating at King Tomislav Square

Skate around the park with Christmas tunes in the background, or even if you don’t feel like skating it is just as magical if you are a spectator, as you enjoy the view and grab something to eat from the Christmas stands, from alcoholic beverages to sausages and sweets such as germknodels!

Experience a true winter wonderland in the heart of Zagreb!

Visit official Zagreb Advent website:

Also, if you want to complement your mulled wine with melted cheese you should visit “Perica” which is located on Tomislavac.  While walking under the Christmas lights by the ice-skating rink, you can enjoy a warm sandwich filled with melted swiss cheese. The way they make it is by an infrared light that heats up a half wheel of cheese, and when it is brown and melted they scrape it into warm toasted bread, you add your toppings, or even a sausage, pay 25kn-and there you have it!

3. Zagreb Advent on Strossmayer’s square

Romantic walkway filled with lights and decorations

Strossmayer’s square is one of the most famous square’s in Zagreb. It is known to be a romantic walkway, and there are also many events held here throughout the year. However, during the Christmas holiday’s they make it extra special.

The whole walk way is made into a Christmas Park filled with lights, different kinds of decorations, food and drink stands with live music that keep people on their feet late in the night.

They also have Santa Clause meet ups from 18h-20h which is perfect if you have children to brighten up their day!

When in Zagreb during Advent, have some quick and easy treatments that will boost your health and make you even more beautiful! Take time out from your busy Advent adventures and indulge yourself! Discover top 5 things to do in Zagreb for your health and beauty in December.

4. Fuliranje

The epicenter of gastronomy!

is hands-down the epicenter of gastronomy! It is located in between Zrinjevac and Tomislavac and it has a variety of food choices. There is such a variety of foods that it will satisfy the most demanding foodies.

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From fried octopus balls, burgers, sausages, poke bowls. If you are one of those people that like to experiment with different flavors but still lean towards tradition this place will be a delight for your taste buds! If you are into sea food visit Fermaj Tovara, Opat and Black Pepper.

However, if you are gluten sensitive, plant based, or just enjoy vegan food Biomania is awaiting you! They offer organic street food with a twist that is catered towards the Christmas season. It is definitely one of the healthiest places that you can visit on the Christmas market.

One of most popular dishes is their curry bowl filled with basmati rice, coconut milk, turmeric, cayenne pepper, leek, cashew nuts, and pumpkin seeds. They also offer healthy treats such as vanilla vice pie made with tapioca flour, chickpeas, oatmeal, sweetened with dried and fresh fruit as well as coconut sugar.

They also offer great mulled wine with birch sugar, and organic gluten free beer, and even wild apple tea mixed with organic Swedish gin!

If you are looking to be health conscious during the holiday season, vegan food Biomania place is a must!

5.  European Square

Are you into art? This is the place to be!

The famous European square that is located near Trg Bana Josipa Jelacica Square is filled with traditional food, wine and cheese stands as well as jazz music. This year they introduced the concept of Social Grilling, which is made for people to be part of a cultural social event that has a laid-back vibe.

Here you can talk, enjoy and your food while listening to relaxing music and listening to live poetry. The popular silent disco is also located here. This square is decorated with art made by local artists that will enrich your cultural and holiday experience.

They even have a program for children during the day, where they can listen to music and read Christmas books so your little ones will not be left out.

Located near Trg Bana Josipa Jelacica, Zagreb Christmas Market at European Square is a must visit.

6.  Christmas Market Maksimir Zoo

Christmas vibes in the biggest zoo in Croatia

Last year the advent at the zoo was introduced to the city of Zagreb, and it was a blast! This one of a kind experience will let you visit the biggest zoo in Croatia filled with Christmas vibes.

If you are fond of animals and have the habit of visiting zoo’s this is something you need to visit!

It is a 15minute tram ride from the main Ban Jelacic Square. Here you can also enjoy mulled wine, sausages and treats! Children are also welcome, of course.

7.  Ban Josip Jelačić Square

Must see Zagreb Christmas market in the heart of Zagreb

And lastly a must see is the main square in the heart of Zagreb.

This is the main stop to take pictures as you are surrounded by artificial snow and lights. Here there is a stage where live bands play Christmas carols all night.  

Kras, Croatia’s traditional and famous chocolates have a Christmas stand where you can purchase souvenirs and enjoy mulled wine and treats. Also, there is a Santa house where you can take photos and bring children.

You can’t pass by this Josip Jelačić’s square without stopping and being amazed by the holiday atmosphere.

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