Top 5 Things to do in Zagreb for your health & beauty in December

December 16, 2019

Top 5 Things to do in Zagreb for your health & beauty in December

Quick and easy treatments you can enjoy in between Christmas Markets

Discover top 5 things to do in Zagreb, the winner of the Best European Christmas Market. When in Zagreb during Advent, have some quick and easy treatments that will boost your health and make you even more beautiful! Take time out from your busy Advent adventures and indulge yourself!

The treatments are quick and will easily fit into your busy schedule making you feel refreshed and glowing for the New Year 2020.


Top 5 treatments during Zagreb Christmas Market
1. Free Dental Consultation
2. Eye Checkup
3. Complimentary plastic surgeon consultation
4. Indulging Facial Aesthetic Treatments
5. Teeth Whitening

Get glowy and fresh for the New Year with Treatigo!

Beginning from the 30th of November 2019 to 7th of December 2020, Zagreb will host a variety of Advent events at many different locations around the city.  Not only is Zagreb known for its beauty but it is also home to some of the most sort out plastic surgeons and dentists in Europe. Zagreb has become a hub of Medical excellence making a name for itself on the world Health Tourism Map.

Treatigo would like to be apart of your Advent experience, by showing you what Zagreb has to offer when it comes to Medical tourism and the Top 5 treatments you can enjoy.

1. Dental consultation
Take 45 mins, see a dentist, it’s free!

Have you been thinking about having some dental work done lately?

Well, whilst in Zagreb it might be the perfect opportunity to see a dentist.

Here’s why:

In only 45 minutes you can have a complete dental assessment – completely for free!

Complimentary dental consultation in Zagreb

This year’s Christmas gift includes: one on one consultation with the dentist, x ray, expertised opinion as well as recommended treatment therapy plan.

At request you can also receive your dental care package free quote which will outline your possible treatment plan and price all for free.

Dr. Daniel Baketić welcomes you in Zagreb!

Make time to check your teeth in between visiting the Zagreb Christmas Markets and experience yourself why Croatia is the best country for dental work done.

2. Eye checkup
Have a complete eye assessment or examination for laser vision

Have you ever checked your eye health?
With Treatigo we will take you to one of the most premium Eye Clinics in Europe!

Even better,
why not see if you’re a suitable candidate for LASIK, so you can get rid of your prescription glasses once and for all?

Did you know:
Only 20 minutes from the most beautiful ice skating place in Zagreb, Tomislav Square, you can visit one of the most premium Eye Clinics in Europe?

Ice skating as Tomislav Square, Zagreb Christmas Market
Picture source: S. Kastelan

After you have had some mulled wine, head over to Clinic Svjetlost, let Treatigo take you to have a complete eye assessment.

The Complete eye assessment
Treatment duration:
60 min
Price: 55 EUR

Approximately 1 hour long and is done by an Ophthalmologist (rather than an optometrist) who will determine the visual acuity with prescription of dioptre for close and distant vision, the measurement of intraocular pressure, review of the anterior segment of the eye under the biomicroscope (eyelids, joints, cornea, anterior eye chambers, pupil and lens) and the dilatation of pupils with an overview of the posterior segment of eye – fundus (vitreous, optic nerve, retina and blood vessels).

Have an eye checkup, get rid of eyeglasses!

Examination for Laser Vision
Treatment duration:
120 mins
Price: 99 EUR  69 EUR

Approximately 90-120 minutes long and is a very detailed examination of all parts of the eye. The examination for the laser vision correction begins with assessment of corneal topography and corneal imaging.  Also, as part of the examination intraocular pressure is measured, tear film evaluated, and detailed examination of posterior part of the eye (retina) is performed. Fundoscopic examination includes an examination of the optic nerve, the macula (centre of sight), and the periphery of the retina.

After this detailed assessment the Ophthalmologist will be able to determine if you are a candidate for Laser Eye Surgery.

3. Plastic surgeon consultation
Have a free consultation with one of the finest plastic surgeons in the region!

Consultation duration: 45 min
Price: 75 EUR FREE

Have you ever wanted to make any changes, but never had the confidence or prospect to ask all the questions running through your mind?

Having a nose surgery, face lift or lip lift requires some time to think and see the best surgeon. Experience a one-on-one consultation with one of the finest plastic surgeons in Europe!

Improve your face, start with initial consultation

Well this is the perfect opportunity a 45-minute complimentary consultation to ask all the how’s do’s and don’ts!

A Treatigo representative will accompany you to the appointment and guide you through the consultation.

Dr. Filipovic and Lucija from Treatigo wish you a Merry Christmas!

4. Facial aesthetic treatment
Give your skin the holiday glow it deserves!

Treatment duration:
60 min
from 50 eur

Our favourite treatments for the Advent season are.

Microdermabrasion – the best pick me up treatment for Winter skin.
A quick, non-invasive skin treatment, ideal for cleansing, refining and smoothing the skin’s surface. Using micro massage, the procedure removes the surface layer of dead skin and stimulates healthy vital reactions in the deeper layers of the skin, resulting in soft and hydrated skin that glows, perfect for Christmas day!

Micro needling- the perfect cosmetic treatment for rapid face rejuvenation.
Micro needling administers multiple fine needles into the dermal structure at one time to stimulate the body’s healing response. This treatment helps with acne scarring, open and enlarged pores, fine lines and skin that is dry, dehydrated and sun damaged.

Let yourself in the gentle hands of dr. Sandra Cvetković Glazer

Chemical Peel – Chemical peel breaks down and removes the bonds holding the top layers of the skin together, eliminating dead, dry skin cells on the outer surface to reveal healthier skin cells underneath.

Medical-grade chemical peels are used to treat common skin concerns such as ageing, sun damage, pigmentation, melasma, uneven skin tone and texture, fine lines and wrinkles, acne, acne scarring, redness, rosacea.

Treatigo will take you to the best clinics in Zagreb and help you unwind while you spoil yourself with a facial treatment!

5.  Teeth whitening
I’m dreaming of a white Christmas

Treatment duration: 120 min
from 340 eur

Did you know that one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures performed today is teeth whitening?

Philips Zoom! Is a teeth whitening system that delivers optimal results, via the “advanced LED light-activated technology”.

“It’s clinically proven to whiten teeth up to eight shades” and in one session.

If you’re going to have a white Christmas, you might as well have white teeth!

So if you are visiting Zagreb this Advent and would like to gift yourself the present of health, please contact us at
We would love to be apart of your Croatian Advent experience and show you the best medical clinics in our beautiful city Zagreb!

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