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Check 5 Reasons Why Consider Dental Tourism in Croatia

June 2, 2017

5 Reasons why you should consider Croatia when traveling overseas for a dental treatment

You might have heard through the grapevine of Croatia being a small Mediterranean country with thousands of islands, amazing food and beautiful Adriatic sea. If you have already enjoyed a holiday in Croatia, you know what we’re talking about.
But a few would know, Croatia also happens to be one of the best countries for dental tourism, boasting dental clinics whose experts, using latest technology, perform procedures at highly competitive prices. You can have a high-quality dental work done in Croatia, avoid long waiting lists, save money at the same time and even enjoy a holiday.

Why Croatia?

Croatia is a young, modern country nestled in the South-Eastern Europe, an EU member since 2013. As a relative newcomer to medical and dental tourism market, it is a country which has every right to be put on the world map of dental tourism.

You should definitely consider Croatia when traveling overseas for a dental treatment, here is why:

1. Expertise of the dentists in Croatia
Education and training of Croatian dental medical doctors is at utmost level

A typical career of dental medical doctors in Croatia is consisted of graduating after 6 years of study at the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Zagreb, country’s capital. In order to receive a dental licence, a freshly graduated dentist need to pass a certification exam held by the Ministry of health. Upon successfully passed exam, a licence is granted by Dental Chamber for the period of 5 years.
It is followed by lifelong learning – acquiring post-graduate education and training at home and abroad (in Western Europe or North America).

Dentists in Croatia are skilled in the entire range of treatments with special expertise in dental implants and cosmetic dentistry.

Some of them are opinion leaders for world’s leading implant producers and also manage training courses in the fields of implant dentistry.

All dentists must be Members of Croatian Chamber of Dental medicine, the independent professional association of doctors of dental medicine in Croatia.

Many of them also actively participate in International Associations, such as (ADI – Association of Dental Implantology of the United Kingdom , gIDE – the Global Institute for Dental Education and ITI – International Team for Implantology).

2. Modern dental clinics equipped with state of the art technology
At dental clinics in Croatia – everything is state of the art – modern facilities, equipment and materials used.

Dental clinics in Croatia take special care of the whole experience while in the clinic – it is important for you to feel relaxed and welcomed. Modern and elegant dental offices abound here, exuding calming ambience and a friendly atmosphere.

Materials and techniques used by dentists in Croatia conform to the highest standards of quality, keeping up with the latest global trends set by world renowned manufacturers of equipment and supplies. There are couple of such global leaders you should know about and look for when deciding on having a dental work abroad.  Straumann, Nobel Bio Care, Astra tech and Alpha Bio tec – manufacture top dental implants, instruments, prosthetics and biomaterials.

As a proof of service quality, look for ISO 9001 Certificate (International Organization for Standardization) – international standard for the establishment and maintenance of quality management systems. ISO 9001 is a worldwide recognized standard, all reputable clinics in Croatia have it. For you as a patient, this means the clinic strives to render a service with maximum quality, according to highest professional standards; with particular accent on the hygiene and treatment safety and your overall satisfaction.

None of the above mentioned regarding cutting edge technology would matter if it weren’t for the expertise and hospitality of the doctors and the staff. All of them speaking good (or fluent) English, being open and friendly, always ready to welcome you with a smile. It’s the people that make the difference, Croatians are hearty professionals working hard, putting a human first.

3. Get the treatment fast, forget about the waiting lists
The only waiting is on you to decide to get the dental work done in Croatia

Do you ever get frustrated with the long waiting lists at the NHS? Moreover, some of the treatments you so desperately need, are not even available under the NHS (implants, more attractive fillings, crowns). Does your dentist then send you to a private specialist, that is when you decide to better put of the treatment than break the bank account. Years go by and there is only more work as you get older. Ahh.

It is time for you to put a stop procrastinating and take full control of your mouth.

Dental clinics of Treatigo network are privately owned, having the capacity to dedicate extensive individual care to each patient, fast and without needing to wait.

Don’t skip the dental treatment because of lack of access to dental care in your country. Take care of your oral health abroad in Croatia today. You could book your appointment today with us, and hit the plane to Croatia the first thing tomorrow morning.

4. Close, fast, easy to reach
Hop on a flight in London on any day, in just 2 hours you are in Zagreb – the capital of Croatia

Many dental clinics are located in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia – economic, cultural and social centre. Zagreb lies in the heart of Croatia, ideally positioned in the inland, you can reach the coast in just a couple of hours. There are many direct flights from the UK to almost all of the major airports in Croatia, at least during the summer.

Zagreb, the country’s capital, where many dental clinics are located is connected with a direct daily flights from London. If you treated yourself with a treatment in Zagreb, the heart of Croatia, excellent choice for a city break in just couple of hours you can reach the 600 miles long Mediterranean coastline.

5. Opportunity for a holiday – Treat yourself with a unique dental holiday in Croatia
High quality dental treatment abroad asks for a high quality holiday destination – Croatia delivers both

When traveling overseas for a dental treatment, your decision must be made first and foremost for health-care reasons. That is why it’s important for you to do the research on the quality and level of expertise of the dental work done abroad. We’ve helped you in doing your homework when it comes to dental clinics in Croatia, feel free to use us as your cheat sheet.

Have you ever considered the idea of turning your dental treatment abroad into a holiday? If you think of it, after you have decided to have the dental work done abroad, why not use the flights and accommodation you sorted to unwind and relax someplace nice?

Well, having the treatment in Croatia, a prime tourist destination, you are all set for a very unique dental holiday. Croatia, this small croissant shaped country, nestled between the Alps and Adriatic sea, is ideal choice for having the treatment, due to its mild climate, diverse natural beauties and rich historical and cultural heritage.

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