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All On 4 Dental Implants In Croatia Header Image

All On 4 Dental Implants In Croatia


What is All on 4 dental implants?

The wording All-on-4 stands for ‘All teeth on 4 dental implants’.

This is a dental treatment procedure that gives you a complete set of new teeth installed on 4 dental implants, on the same day of the surgery.
That’s why this treatment has another popular name ‘Same day teeth’  or  ‘Same day smile’.

The new teeth you are getting are FIXED,  so unlike dentures, you can’t take it off on your own.

These fixed teeth, in fancy medical english - fixed prosthesis or a fixed bridge, are supported by only 4 implants placed into your jaw bone.

The result?

The new teeth you’re getting are white and perfectly shaped. They look, feel and function like natural teeth.

The main advantage of All on 4 dental implants?

  • You’re getting new teeth that look very natural
  • Your whole face is more tight, so you look younger and more attractive
  • You can eat and chew freely anything you like and enjoy the full taste of food
  • Unlike floppy dentures, these teeth are fixed and are not going anywhere while you speak
  • The new fixed teeth feel light and comfortable in your mouth, so you can speak clearly
  • With a Smile in a day solution, you can enjoy your new smile immediately
  • The surgery takes less time, which makes the recovery faster and easier
  • It’s a more affordable solution in the long run, especially if full mouth dental implants are done abroad in Croatia
  • You’re getting a lifetime guarantee on the implants 
  • It’s easy to maintain them, brush and clean like normal teeth!

Get All on 4 dental implants in Croatia

Free initial dental consultation
Full mouth dental implants specialist
Number of visits
2-3 visits to Zagreb over the span of 5-6 months
Time away
1st visit - 3 days, 2nd visit 7 days
Before you arrive
Video call with the dentist
Lifetime on dental implants, 5 year on your restoration

Before and After pictures

All on 4 dental implants Croatia Before and After
All on 4 dental implants Croatia Before and After
All on 4 dental implants Croatia Before and After

Alternative to All on 4 dental implants

  • Crowns and bridges
  • Dentures
  • Telescopic dentures

You too CAN smile more and eat better with Nobel Biocare All-on-4 dental implants in Croatia!

Let us help you, contact us today.


Do any of these options sound like you?

‘Most of my teeth are in really bad condition.’‘
I’m missing a lot of my teeth.’‘
I wear dentures which are quite uncomfortable.’
‘I’ve been suffering from gum disease, bone loss and unstable teeth.’

On top, are you in pain and can’t enjoy food normally?

Also, are you ready to travel abroad and get your All on 4 dental implants in Croatia?

You just might be the perfect candidate for full mouth dental implants abroad!

But, be careful:
There is no ‘one fit all’ solution to complex dental problems. Each case is assessed individually to determine the best possible outcome of the treatment.

The good news is:
We can tell you in advance if you’re a candidate for all on 4 dental implants.

Simply send us your dental x ray and pictures of your teeth!

This will allow our full mouth dental implants specialists to determine if All on 4 is the best solution for you.

We can also arrange dental consultation online, so you can meet our dentists and ask anything you like.

We want you to feel comfortable, so you can make an easier decision to have All on 4 dental implants abroad.

Treat yourself with a unique high quality All on 4 procedure at a low price.

The cost of All on 4 dental implants is much lower when done in Croatia.

Get yourself All-on-4 teeth that look and feel totally natural, so you can finally enjoy dinners and quality time with family and friends.

Let’s see if you’re an all on 4 candidate.

Contact us today!


All on 4 is a quick and minimally invasive procedure. It requires less time, so it’s very convenient to have the full mouth dental implants done abroad.

On the day of the implant placement, you walk home with a temporary set of teeth that look, feel and function like natural teeth. This is also known as Same day teeth or same day smile.

Stages of All on 4 dental implants treatment in Croatia with Treatigo

First visit - Get a same day teeth smile (2-3 days)

Same day teeth refer to a procedure of placing a full set of temporary teeth on 4 implants on the same day. 

After the initial consultation and x rays are taken, a full mouth dental implant specialist evaluates your jaw bone type and condition. 

If needed, gums and jawbone may require treatment. If not, you are ready for the dental implant placement surgery. Dental implants are placed under local anesthesia. The surgery takes about 2 hours.

These teeth are not your final restoration.

The acrylic bridge is placed temporarily while you wait for the implants to heal (3-5 months). After it has healed properly, you are ready to get your final permanent teeth. 

* In case your gums and jawbone require additional treatment or doctor needs to perform tooth extractions, you may need more than one visit.

You are at home for 3-5 months because the implants that are placed in your jawbone need time to heal.

Second visit - Get your final customized teeth  (5-6 days)

It’s time to finalize the treatments, so you can get All on 4 dental implants in Croatia, and come home with your final set of teeth! 

Taking impressions for the permanent implant supported bridge

  • Working on your final customized teeth
  • Your final restoration is designed and manufactured at the dental laboratory. 

Getting personalized final dental bridge

  • Temporary bridge is replaced with a final restoration
  • Your fixed customized bridge is attached to the implants


We use Nobel Biocare dental implants, that come with a lifetime guarantee.

The All-on-4® concept is clinically proven and developed by Nobel Biocare, world leading dental implant company.

Your final teeth, the ones that are fixed to your jawbone can be made out of different materials. You can choose among acrylic, metal-ceramic or layered composite crowns as your final fixed solution.

From ‘I hate my teeth’ to ‘I can’t stop smiling’ in one single day!

Change your life in one single day with All on 4 dental implants in Croatia.

Contact us today!


You are inches away from getting more smiles, more food you love, more confidence in
less time, with less implants and for less money.

All on 4 dental implants price in Croatia includes:

Dental consultation

  • Dental x-ray
  • One-on-one consultation with dental implant surgeon

Dental treatment

  • At Dental Esthetic Centre in Zagreb
  • Surgical placement of dental implants

Dental expert

  • Dr. Daniel Baketić, including pre and post consultations
  • Dental implant surgeon

Highest quality dental implants and restoration

  • Nobel Biocare or MIS dental implants
  • Acrylic, metal-ceramic or layered composite fixed bridge 


  • Return airport transfers


  • During all your visits, 8-10 days in total
  • 5-6 nights in cozy 3 star apartment 
  • Walking distance from the clinic
  • 20 mins from the city centre

Treatigo Support

  • Personal Treatigo health manager for support and assistance
  • Coffee with us the Croatian way

Before you arrive:

  • Get a quote - speak to us
  • Have a video one-on-one call with the dentist

We’re here to help, you are not on your own.

Enquire now.


FAQ’s All on 4 dental implants in Croatia

How much do All on 4 dental implants cost?

The price is usually given per arch. All on 4 solutions with Nobel Biocare dental implants in the UK can be on average 17.000 gbp per jaw. You can save at least half by having the All on 4 dental implants in Croatia.

How long do All on 4 implants last?

When you get your new set of teeth fixed on 4 dental implants, you should treat them like natural. With proper hygiene and regular yearly checkups, your full mouth dental implants done abroad are more likely to last 20 years or more.

Do I get a guarantee?

At Treatigo clinic Esthetic Dental Center, you get a LIFETIME warranty on dental implants and a 5 YEAR warranty on your restoration. You’ll also get a dental implant pass containing important information on your dental implants manufactured by Nobel Biocare.

With dental implant pass, dental professionals all over the world can easily get an overview of your full mouth dental implants in Croatia.

Are All on 4 dental implants removable?

The new teeth fixed on dental implants are fixed. You can’t take it off on your own.

Are All on 4 dental implants comfortable?

Besides being fixed, strong and giving you a natural look, All-on-4 teeth are light and feel comfortable in your mouth. This enables you to speak clearly and normally with others.

On top, with full mouth dental implants you don't have to be afraid to smile in front of others. Your beautiful, white and perfectly shaped teeth aren't going anywhere.

Change the appearance of your face with a whole set of new teeth!

Contact us for more information on the All on 4 dental implants price in Croatia!

The content has been reviewed for quality and accuracy to the best of our knowledge by Treatigo and its medical experts.
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